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Who we are

Interchange Technologies is an information and telecommunications engineering company.   The business is registered under the Nigerian law in year 2003 with corporate headquarters based in Ibadan, and other branches in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt. As a comprehensive resource for management of communications and technology. We provide one point of contact for all of voice and data services. Interchange Technologies has succeeded by providing our customers with a powerful and knowledgeable partner. Our goal is to minimize risk and maximize your “bottom line”! Make Interchange Technologies a part of your team!

We are focused on providing customer services of the highest standard through our commitment to the quality of products and services delivered, by training and re-training of our own engineers, developers and the customer’s personnel, comprehensive post sales and installation support and by compliance to customer quality standards such as ISO9000:2000 quality system.

Our Strategy
Interchange can help you design the telecommunications solutions to support new facilities, solve specific business problems, and meet new opportunities.

Interchange Technologies integrates people and process issues with technology to maximize the value of investments

  • Interchange Technologies is singularly dedicated to planning and delivering programs that exceed our clients' goals. We encourage partnering relationships with our clients that foster an open exchange of ideas and trust.
  • We plan and manage the required tasks, resources, and schedules with proven methods, continuous control, and dedicated management that focuses on goals and completion.
  • We rely on implementing proven project management processes focused on selecting, managing and assisting providers of resources. This strategy is significantly more cost-effective and flexible than traditional approaches straddling all project tasks. It eliminates a layer of overhead and permits flexible resource management, thus reducing costs by deploying and managing resources in a balanced manner.
  • Interchange Technologies uniquely satisfies the role of managing your interests at cost-effective prices. Interchange is prepared to act as your representative or assume full risk to plan and deliver your project on a turnkey basis.








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Interchange Technologies Limited
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