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Cerato Family Phones

Teltronics offers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of desktop phones. Designed with ergonomics and modern office aesthetics in mind, users benefit from easy, intuitive access to the feature-rich telephony and advanced desktop applications delivered through Teltronics communication platforms.

From affordable entry-level phones to products that deliver advanced applications, Teltronics offers a broad range of analog, digital, IP, dual-mode and softphones. Teltronics’ collection of phones & clients support a comprehensive suite of telephony features and applications with solutions designed to meet varying communication needs from small-to-large.


SIP 51i Phone
SIP 51i Phone The Teltronics 51i phone is ideally suited for light-to-regular phone requirements. It offers powerful features and flexibility in a standards-based, carrier-grade basic level IP phone. With a sleek and elegant design, the phone offers a three-line LCD display, advanced XML capability, access to custom applications and support for high quality SIP communications.


SIP 53i Phone
The Teltronics 53i phone supports up to nine calls simultaneously. With an ergonomic design, the device is suited for regular phone requirements. The 53i offers powerful features & functionality including a three-line LCD display, 4 navigational keys, 4 programmable softkeys and 10 predefined fixed keys. The 53i is also compatible with the 536M and 560M button expansion modules.


SIP 55i Phone
The Teltronics 55i phone is an advanced level expandable IP telephone. It boasts a 144 x 75 pixel LCD display, 6 dynamic context-sensitive softkeys, advanced XML capability to access custom applications and supports up to 9 calls simultaneously. The SIP 55i is compatible with the 536M and 560M button expansion modules.

SIP 57i  

SIP 57i Phone
The Teltronics 57i phone is an advanced level, expandable IP telephone that can be integrated with a cordless handset with call coverage ranging to 300,000 square feet. The phone is ideally suited for executives and heavy telephone users who require more one-touch feature keys and a large screen that takes full advantage of XML-based programs.


Teltronics 3-line IP (2903), Digital (1903) and Dual-Mode (3903) Phone
The Teltronics 3-line phone operates as a 3-button IP, Digital or selectable digital or IP dual-mode telephone offering an attractive, easy-to-use station interface. Available in black or champagne, the phone presents an easy-to-read display screen, comfortable contoured buttons, and softly-rounded edges which are the hallmarks of the user-friendly design.

  Teltronics 13-line IP (2215), Digital (1215) and Dual-Mode (3215) Phone
The Teltronics 13-line phone operates as a 13-button IP, Digital or selectable digital or IP dual-mode telephone offers an attractive, easy-to-use station interface. Available in black or champagne, the phones present an easy-to-read display screen that provides call progress information and context sensitive menus to access the entire suite of station features.
  CIP2 SoftPhone
The CIP2 SoftPhone is a user-friendly, computer-desktop interface, powered by Windows®. Enabled by Teltronics Cerato systems, the IP softphone supports standard telephony control features and makes it easy to place and receive calls from any computer through its simple Graphical User Interface (GUI). Use the CIP2 softphone to replace the Cerato IP phone, as a companion desktop application, or remote access to the IP phone when working away from the office.








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