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iNTX Point-to-Point Microwave Radio

Proteus AMT L-Series is a non-expandable version of the Proteus AMT intended to provide a cost efficient alternative for networks that require a minimum level of data capacity and configuration options as compared to Proteus AMT. This entry-level model follows the same design concept as the Proteus AMT which provides network operators many choices on initial configurations as well as future network upgrades.

The L-Series shares a similar look and feel with the current Proteus AMT. It uses the same Element Manager for configuration and control and is fully compatible with MNI’s SNMP Element Manager System (EMS) software. The Proteus AMT L-Series also uses the same Outdoor Units (ODUs) and Antennas as the Proteus AMT.

This commonality adds cost savings and the benefit of simplified planning for those who later find the need for higher capacity and/or the additional features provided by Proteus AMT; simply change the Indoor unit (IDU) to upgrade. The ability to share spares between the two radio types within mixed networks can also represent a significant cost and logistics savings for operators with large networks.

Features And Benefits

One very significant feature introduced in the Proteus AMT L-Series is the concept of a Software Defined Radio (SDR). A software-defined radio is characterized by its flexibility; simply modifying or replacing software can completely change its functionality. This allows easy upgrade to new modes of operation and improved performance without the need to replace hardware. There is a distinct difference between a radio that internally uses software for some of its functions and a radio that can be completely redefined in the field through modification of software. The latter is a software-defined radio.

Proteus AMT L-Series is completely software configurable for data rates from 4 Mbps to as high as 50 Mbps. No hardware changes are required to increase capacity, change bandwidth, data type, or bandwidth efficiency (modulation). This represents a significant step forward in the microwave industry by providing the benefits of faster deliveries, more user options, and easy in-field upgrades; simply input a configuration key code through the computer port or remotely via NMS to upgrade. With no new hardware to install and minimum down time to change configurations, customers can reduce initial costs by purchasing only the radio they need today with the assurance that it can be quickly and economically upgraded as their networks grow.

The Proteus AMT L-Series features a single fixed 16 tributary input/output connector and two fixed 100BaseT Ethernet connectors. This combination gives the user the freedom to configure his radios for E1s (or DS1s) and/or Ethernet in any combination up to the maximum purchased capacity..

Features And Benefits Summary

  • Cost efficient PDH and/or Ethernet solution – allows lower startup costs.
  • Upgrade in just minutes – lower upgrade costs and easy logistics.
  • Bandwidth efficient – lower channel leasing costs by doubling the data throughput.
  • Common ODUs and NMS with Proteus AMT products – lower spareing requirements for large mixed networks.
  • Up to 50 Mbps total throughput – more Mbps per $.

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iNTX Point-to-Point Microwave Radio  


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