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iNTX Point-to-Point Microwave Radio

Proteus AMT M-Series is the most comprehensive and flexible version of our field-proven Proteus AMT product family. Intended to allow operators a graceful migration from existing voice services to newer IP, data, and multimedia networks, M-Series offers throughput up to 190 Mbit/s in any combination of PDH, synchronous, or Ethernet IP interfaces. As network requirements evolve, most capacity upgrades or configuration changes can be quickly implemented and require only a new software key. This full-featured model builds on the success of the Proteus AMT design and provides network operators the most initial configuration choices as well as simple future network upgrades.

Available in both all-indoor (6-11 GHz) and split-mount configurations (6-38 GHz) as well as protected and diversity configurations the M-series satisfies all the requirements for backbone, backhaul, or last mile links.

As part of the Proteus AMT family of point-to-point microwave radios, M-Series is fully compatible with other Proteus AMT microwave radios. Customers who desire the expanded features and higher capacity of M-Series, can upgrade their existing Proteus AMT radios by simply exchanging the Indoor Unit (IDU) and leaving the existing Outdoor Unit (ODU), antenna, and coax cable in place.

M-Series also uses the same Element Manager for configuration and control and is fully compatible with MNI’s SNMP Element Manager System (EMS) software

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iNTX Point-to-Point Microwave Radio  


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