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Contact Centre Management Systems

OMNIWorks® Contact Center Solution

OMNIWorks combines a powerful and easy-to-configure Customer Interface Manager (CIM), a robust computer telephony interface (CTI) and numerous contact center support applications and features into a single customer contact solution. Contact Centers, or call centers, are a key component to satisfying customer interactions. The OMNIWorks contact center solutions improve customer service, reduce operating costs, boost agent productivity and increase revenues.

OMNIWorks Contact Center provides a unified approach to:

  • Seamlessly managing customer interactions across virtually all types of communication media (voice, email, web chat etc)
  • Routing customers based on customer needs and agents’ skills
  • Optimizing the use of agents across all locations using IP Telephony
  • Tracking and analyzing data for contact center performance and management reports, key to measuring and managing Contact Center performance

OMNIWorks Benefits:

  • Simplify interaction between the business and its customer
  • Offer customers and prospects the most convenient method of contacting the company
  • Consolidate various communications media into a single, streamlined customer care solution
  • Protect contact center investment as technology evolves
  • Improve management of call volumes and agent availability through skills based routing
  • Enhance customer loyalty by consistently delivering lower wait times and reduce call abandon rates
  • Lower customer-servicing costs








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