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Digital Switching Systems - Cerato IP

Cerato IP - Pure IP PBX Overview

" Extend the Power of VoIP to Your Business"

Specifically designed to meet the needs of small-to-medium sized enterprises, the Cerato IP PBX from Teltronics offers unsurpassed ease of installation, administration and use plus all the features, convenience and productivity-enhancing applications companies want from a communications system.

Benefits of Cerato IP VoIP Communications
Linux-based and SIP compliant, Cerato IP's open hardware and software architecture seamlessly integrates with existing corporate infrastructures and can grow from 5 to 350 ports.  The system can operate as a standalone communications server or sit behind a legacy TDM switch.  Analog or Digital PSTN Gateways integrate Cerato IP with the public telephone network.  And Cerato IP's standard support for remote extensions and softphones provides simple, cost-effective connectivity for dispersed and mobile workforces. 

Cerato IPWith its plug-and-play auto-discovery process of hardware components, intuitive and easy to use graphical administration tools, and an automated database configurator that builds a complete working call flow at the touch of a button, the Cerato IP takes the complexity out of system installation and administration.  Additionally, Cerato IP's Fingertip Toolset™ lets employees manage their own phone settings, without the time and expense of administrator- or 3rd-party-managed Moves, Adds, and Changes.

Cerato IP systems offer a clear advantage over other communications solutions in a variety of areas, including:

  • Ease of Use. Cerato IP's browser-based graphical administrative interface makes programming and maintaining the system a breeze. The user-friendly Fingertip Toolset™ puts employees in total control of their own workstation interfaces, allowing them to design the telephony feature key layout and application configuration that best suits the way they work.

  • Simplified Installation and Administration. The Cerato IP controller auto-discovers all peripheral Cerato IP components, eliminating the need to add each device manually. Plug and play hardware compatibility, Web Server and Windows MMC based software, and wizards further simplify the installation process. And Cerato IP's user-friendly web-based administrator interface and simple step-by-step tutorial teaches administrators the basic skills necessary to program the Cerato IP.

  • Quality and Reliability. The Cerato IP assures high-quality voice and monitors calls for jitter, packet loss and latency to deliver 99.999% reliability. Teltronics brings decades of reliability and performance in voice communications into the world of IP telephony.

  • Powerful Productivity Applications. Cerato IP offers a suite of powerful, multi-media applications to enhance collaboration, streamline business communications and improve employee productivity

  • Reduce Communications Costs. Through network consolidation, increased employee efficiency, inexpensive training options, plus the ability to perform moves, adds, and changes without vendor involvement business can enjoy reduce total cost of ownership for their voice communication system.

  • Scalability. Adding local and remote users is a simple process facilitated by the system's intuitive administrative GUI. Plus Cerato IP employs modular, highly scalable system architecture, designed to facilitate system expansion. As your company's communications needs grow, you can rest assured knowing your investment is secure.

  • Wide Variety of IP Phone. From affordable, single-line solutions, to full-function administrative consoles with multi-line displays, Cerato IP's selection of smart, full-featured IP phones ensure that organizations find the right communications solutions for all of their users. Plus the powerful Fingertip Toolset™ gives users the ability to customize their own workstations using an easy browser-based interface.

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