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Digital Switching Systems - Cerato ME/LE

Enabling Voice Communication Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

The Teltronics IP-enabled, Cerato ME/LE system provides medium-to-large businesses with feature-rich voice communications, centralized management, a high-level of scalability and seamless network capabilities.

Benefits of Cerato ME/LE VoIP Communications

Expanding on the strength, reliability and flexibility of the Teltronics 20-20 platforms, the next generation Cerato ME/LE non-blocking system is capable of supporting the most demanding networked and stand-alone system requirements. Readily scalable up to 9,216 ports and fully redundant, the Cerato ME/LE integrates rich call-handling, superlative telephony features and sophisticated networking built on four decades of voice communications expertise.

Cerato ME/LE systems offer a clear advantage over other communications solutions in a variety of areas, including:

  • Exceptional Voice Quality and Reliability.  The Cerato ME/LE delivers superior voice quality with 99.999% accuracy. The Cerato ME/LE also addresses VoIP reliability concerns with fully integrated redundancy where all calls remain active in the event of a failure. With unparalleled strength and dependability, Teltronics communication solutions continue to boast a loyal following in all industries, including education and government with more then 20,000 systems installed worldwide.

  • Scalability and Investment Protection. The Cerato ME/LE systems accommodate medium-to-large businesses up to 9,216 ports. With the distinctive non-blocking system design, the Cerato ME and LE models only differ by common controls but share a common interface for trunks and lines. This universal port architecture allows assignment of lines, trunks and service units to any interface slot helping to eliminate upgrade expenses. In addition, current Teltronics system users have a clear migration path to the Cerato systems with the ability to use current system elements. The Cerato ME/LE voice communications systems are designed to utilize existing communications investment while extending the value of VoIP communications across your enterprise. Cerato ME/LE also integrates with existing and evolving networks and technologies, including the Teltronics Cerato Vision IP and Cerato IP centric voice communication platforms.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership. The Cerato ME/LE offers exceptional ease-of-installation, ease-of-use and a centralized management console to significantly lower ongoing maintenance and operating expenditures. The easy-to-navigate graphical administrative interface takes the complexity out of system administration. Through network consolidation, increased employee efficiency and the ability to perform moves, adds, and changes without vendor involvement businesses enjoy reduced total cost of ownership from their voice communication system.

  • Improved Productivity through Advanced Features. Teltronics suite of applications provide employees with powerful, multimedia communications tools to increase efficiency and build customer relationships with the flexibility to meet individual user needs. With multimedia applications including Advanced Conferencing, SIP-based Unified Messaging, Advanced Security, Hospitality Accommodator package and Contact Center support, businesses can provide employees with powerful communications tools that increase productivity and lower costs.

  • Wide Selection of Phones. From affordable entry-level phones to products that deliver advanced applications, Teltronics offers a wide variety of VoIP, digital, dual-mode and softphones that allow businesses to increase productivity by matching user requirements with phone features. Teltronics’ collection of phones & clients support a comprehensive suite of telephony features and applications with solutions designed to meet varying communication needs from small-to-large.
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