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Call Recording and Monitoring Systems

FUSION Series 7

Recording, Monitoring, Analytics
and Multi-dimensional Reporting Tools

Whether you record calls full-time for compliance and risk management, or randomly for quality monitoring, Fusion Series 7 provides fast and easy-to-use options that simplify complicated tasks, satisfy your strictest compliance standards and give you the best value for your money.

Fusion Diagram

Fusion Series 7 is comprised of several innovative solutions that can be conbined to meet the specific needs and requirements of your business:

Praetorian Voice recorder
The Praetorian recorder is a turn-key system for continuous, random, scheduled, API triggered (selective) or on-demand recording that digitally records and stores every agent-customer interaction.

Mentor QA Suite
The Mentor QA Suite provides the necessary tools to improve your agents’ performance, and deliver quality service to your customers while presenting a consistent and accurate corporate message.

Telecom BI Suite
The Telecom BI Suite incorporates multi-dimensional analysis and reporting, usage accounting, enterprise network licensing, multi-site integration, centralized reporting and the replication of voice data.














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