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Digital Switching Systems

We have a comprehensive portfolio of voice communication products designed to meet the needs of small, medium and large businesses. The Cerato line delivers converged business and voice applications to both single and multi-site customers. Supporting a full spectrum of business-oriented capabilities, productivity-enhancing applications and a superlative feature set; Cerato products, both affordable and flexible, are scaled to fit every business requirement.

Cerato SE  

Cerato SE: 5 to 40 Users
The award-winning, Cerato SE integrates all the communication needs of a small business into a single platform by effectively combining the benefits and reliability of today’s high-quality voice infrastructures with access to low-cost VoIP. The use-friendly, Cerato SE provides the same features offered by the larger systems including voice mail, automated attendant, unified messaging, computer telephony, call recording and remote office options.

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Cerato Vision IP  

Cerato Vision IP: 8 to 100 Users
The Cerato Vision IP family provides communication solutions that meet the requirements of stand-alone, small-to-medium sized businesses or networked remote offices; capitalizing on the cost benefits of converged voice and data solutions. The Cerato Vision IP includes a complete family of analog and VoIP interfaces that support up to 255 networked units.

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Cerato IP  

Cerato IP: 25 to 350 Users
The Cerato IP (formerly Cypreon) is specifically designed to meet the needs of small-to-medium sized businesses that require a pure IP solution. The Cerato IP offers unsurpassed ease of installation, administration and support, in addition to its rich feature set built-in convenience and productivity-enhancing applications that companies expect from a communications system.

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Cerato ME/LE  

Cerato ME/LE: 75 to 9,000 Users
Created as a solution for mid-to-large enterprises, Cerato ME/LE, Teltronics’ newest voice communication solution, is based on the unparalleled strength and reliability of the 20-20 product line. This premier voice and data offering simplifies the move to a converged communications network by reducing costs, enhancing productivity, improving customer service, and protecting existing communications investments.

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A Wide Range of Phones to Fit All Business Requirements
From affordable entry-level phones to products that deliver advanced applications, Teltronics offers a wide variety of VoIP, digital, dual-mode and softphones that allow businesses to increase productivity by matching user requirements with phone features. And to accommodate the needs of all business sizes and types, the Teltronics phones are interoperable with Teltronics voice communications switching solutions - Cerato Vision IP, Cerato IP and Cerato ME/LE.

Teltronics’ collection of phones support a comprehensive suite of telephony features and applications with solutions designed to meet varying communication needs from small-to-large.

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