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Enhanced 911 Products

Is your 911 call center running on outdated technology?

Could it improve with simple mouse-clicks or touch-screen commands?

When it comes to critical 911 call center operations, every second counts.
The latest public safety answer point (PSAP) technology runs on personal computers and utilizes existing PBX or CENTREX telephone systems, giving 911 call takers the speed and flexibility to field emergency calls.

Municipal and campus PSAPs should expect the following from their workstations:

  • Integration with existing PBX or CENTREX telephone system for additional, proprietary or specialized ANI and ALI controllers.
  • Accelerated emergency response time – a more efficient PSAP that provides more accurate and faster emergency dispatching to the proper agencies translates to better service to members of the community.
  • Consolidated call taker functions – Using PBX or CENTREX ACD functions or other switching configurations, call takers can be centralized or decentralized on the same pc/psap system network, allowing for customer-specific configurations.
  • Ability to operate through Windows on a PC – by using such a familiar interface, call takers makes such an important task incredibly simple.
  • Ability to interface with other vital systems, such as CAD, mapping or network time clocks.











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Enhanced 911 Products  
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