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iNTX Point-to-Point Microwave Radio

TRuepoint® 6400

TRuepoint 6400 is a robust, very-high-capacity digital microwave radio for the North America wireless transmission market. It delivers high reliability and high performance in TDM trunking applications.

With a compact footprint, TRuepoint 6400 accommodates four transceivers in a single chassis, for up to four 1+0, two 1+1, or 2+2 terminal. Frequency diversity is available using a single or dual antenna. A high power transmit option is available, up to 32.5 dBm, so that the TR6400 offers superior system gain for your network requirements.

TRuepoint 6400 delivers broad network flexibility and greater path reliability for cellular and fixed operators, private enterprises and networks.

Key features and benefits

  • 6, 7/8, 10 and 11 GHz frequency bands (FCC and NTIA)
  • Unpaired frequencies supported
  • 8x, 16x, 28x DS1 and OC3 TDM per transceiver pair,
    up to 4 pairs per chassis
  • Highest transmission power and system gain performance in the industry
  • Built-in ATPC –single step and ramping
  • HSB protection 1+1, 2+2 terminal
  • All-indoor, modular architecture for easy maintenance
  • 100% system redundancy, for maximum peace of mind

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iNTX Point-to-Point Microwave Radio  


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