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iNTX Point-to-Point Microwave Radio

TRuepoint® 6500

The TRuepoint 6500 digital microwave radio is the most compact trunking radio available in today’s global market. It meets today’s ever-increasing network demand for ultra-high-capacity backbone applications.

TRuepoint 6500 supports frequencies from 4 to 13 GHz in a highly modular design and delivers a total capacity of up to 2.5 Gbps in a single ETSI rack. Integrated options include space diversity and XPIC for co-channel operation.

Truepoint 6500 is also available as a complete terminal, or as a repeater station with an add/drop multiplexer, all in one rack.



Key features and benefits

  • Full range of frequency bands: 4, U4, 5, L6, U6, M7, L7, U7, 7W, L8, K8, 11 and 13 GHz
  • Industry leading 16xSTM-1 in a single ETSI rack
  • N+1 hitless, errorless switching for alternated polarization operation up to 7+1/8+0
  • 2x(N+1) protection switching for co-channel operation for 2x(7+1)/2x(8+0)
  • High (+32dBm) transmit power options
  • Low power consumption—less than 100W per RF channel
  • Dual 2 Mbps wayside channels per RF channel

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iNTX Point-to-Point Microwave Radio  


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