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Wireless Communications

Interchange Technologies provide expert support to clients in the wireless communications such as microwave radios and HF Radios, with specialist technical skills in all aspects of cellular radio network planning and optimizing process.

  • Developing frequency plans, retunes,
  • Traffic dimensioning and analysis (Statistic Traffic Subsystem counters),
  • Quality analysis (analysis of RF interference, statistics analysis, define test routes, drive-test analysis),
  • Capacity analysis - RBS expansions planning, capacity sites planning,
  • Coverage analysis,
  • Defining of searching areas for new sites and preliminary search for possible site locations, site surveys,
  • Defining configurations of new base stations (number of sectors, antenna types, height and directions, number of TRXs per sector,CDU types),
  • Defining BSS parameters for new base stations,
  • Radio resource re-allocation











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